It is possible to "adopt" a Christmas Island Frigatebird, to specifically support the investigations of their foraging and migration movements.

To adopt a bird means to cover the costs of a satellite tag and the fees for data transmission via satellite. These costs are 5.000 Aus$ (ca. 4000 €). This is certainly a lot of money, but the satellite tag alone costs over 3000 Aus$ (ca. 2500 €), and the use of these satellite transmitters is the only way to find out about the movements of this endangered seabird at sea.

In return for the contribution, the sponsor will give the frigatebird a name of his/her choice (male or female names) and will receive regular updates on the foraging behaviour of the bird including detailed maps on where the animal is currently located and which foraging movements it has made recently. Moreover, a comprehensive report on the capturing of the bird and on the deployment of the transmitter will be provided including many interesting photos.

The satellite transmitter is designed to be carried by the bird for about 4 - 6 months. After this time, the battery of the tag will be exhausted and the transmitter will fall off the bird. Of course, there is no guaranteed transmission period as there is always a risk that the bird dies earlier, e.g. due to entanglement in fishing gear or hunting. However, so far the tags transmitted for about 5 months on average.